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On 27/03/2013

Mechanical factory and Joint-stock company “ARTMET” was founded in 1956.
“ARTMET” performs following operations:
• manufacturing of metallic structures and products from ferrous and nonferrous metals;
• manufacturing of industrial equipment – stamps, press moulds, foundry forms in mass to 2000 kg;
• manufacturing of  parts moulding under pressure of color alloys and plastic;
• carries out a complete packet advertising operations on a basis of self adheziv polychlorinated vinyl slicks (designing, manufacturing, setting-up);
• construction work on designing of metallic structures and an optional equipment:
• offers services to a private people and the organizations on manufacturing of decorative fences, gate, ladders and ladder protections.
Mechanical workshops of the factory are equipped with various metal-cutting, welding, forge-presses. For obtain of design for articles and guarantee of their long and reliable exploitation, the factory uses in producing various protectively-decorative coverings: galvanic, paint and varnish and polymer-powder.

Mechanical factory “ARTMET” offers the services in manufacturing of assimilated production:
• antihail installations;
• automatic aggregate for bottler of juice and fruits;
• the equipment for automatic clamping of railway rails;
• running belt aggregates for sawing up of logs;
• vertical running belt aggregates for cutting of steel stock materials by section 450 х 500мм
• installations for straightening of bold laminate;
• the manual press;
• road signs and trafficators;
• signs registration for transport;
• road post with a relief or flat writing of names of streets, numbers of houses, names of offices and any their other appointment;
• metal containers and urns for a rubbish in assortment;
• tableware from aluminum alloys, multiple-purpose graters, cutleries from aluminum;
• souvenir badges, medals, accessories for  the military man and a household purpose;
• writing paper clips and drawing-pins;
• unicellular mail boxes and in the lump.

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