1. Holding of metrological examinations
ARTMET has own laboratory of the measuring technologies which has received the state authorization.
The laboratory offers metrological holder of the repaired and confirmed instruments, and also offers a services in mending and checking to foreign persons.
Checking of the measuring technologies - analysis and concordance conformity of measuring technologies
to the fixed technical requirements.
The goal of checking – assurance of adherence referring to the requirement about errors of measures and probing outside of the fixed limits with referenced probability.

2. Aluminum moulding
We prepare moulding under the pressure of products of any complexity from nonferrous alloys on the basis of aluminum. The price for moulding depends by complexity of a product, size of lot, presence of ready fitting-out and sample pieces, instant of execution of the order.

3. Polymer-powder painting
Pulverization with a polymeric paint on a finished product has advantage that on it there are no micro cracks on a covering. The products coated with powder paints, have good anticorrosive characteristics, firmness to ultraviolet light, and atmospheric pressing. Powder paints put on a product from a steel, aluminum, nonferrous metals, glass, ceramics, wood, plastic and silicate materials in an electrostatic field. Technology allows getting a durable quality covering on metal with excellent operational characteristics.

4. Painting by paints.
Painting is carried out by paints on nitro-basis, enamels; hammertoe paints (a quick-drying industrial paint.). Paints possess high anticorrosive properties.

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