Capacities of the operation have specialization in manufacturing:

  • The consuming goods: molten aluminum ware, graters multiple-purpose, cutleries (spoons, forks), badges, medals, a mesh steel, drawing-pins, paper clips;
  • Instrumental equipment: stamp, foundry form, press forms for mould under the pressure of nonferrous metals and plastic;
  • Products of once orders: non standard equipment, the equipment for clamping of railway a rail, art-issued lattices, fencings, metal doors.

At factory is put in work the sector for manufacturing:
Road signs, trafficators according to traffic rules – road post with the relief image of names of streets, numbers of houses.
The design-technological documentation to all articles, confectioned by our factory is elaborated by the specialists taking into account the specifications and characterless of equipments.  Serial making of products is possible thanks to active normative and technical documents confirmed according settlements. Quality of products is provided with the monitoring system of quality for fabricated details and products completely.

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Checking and mending of the recourses of measuring providing quality of confectioned production is coming off in the Metrological laboratory of a factory certificated according settlements. The factory offers a service on checking and mending of the recourses of measuring to foreign customers on the basis of contractual obligations (Authorization of metrological laboratory-SNM MD 015/0223-05; Series R № 000299 from 14.12.2005)
Capacities and the production operative equipment allow getting any metal products with the big fraction welding and bending operations. Working in one gang, capacities of production have the big reserve. Additional the factory can process 130 tons of aluminum alloys, 200-250 tons of black laminates, 10 tons of moulding of plastic on year.


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